280 million films and TV programmes shown illegally in Sweden each year

New report: 280 million films and TV programmes shown illegally in Sweden each year 
Illegal online streaming and file sharing of films and TV programmes continues to be a major problem for the Swedish film and television industry, despite the growing selection of legal digital services in Sweden. This according to a report – Digital Markets for Film and TV – published today by the Swedish Film and Television Cooperation Committee (FTVS).

 “There’s a common misconception that piracy is less of a problem today due to the wide range of legal options. On the contrary, the problem posed by illegal services is greater than ever,” says Per Strömbäck, digital business expert at FTVS. “In Sweden alone, as many as 280 million films and TV programmes are shown illegally each year.”

 Curbing illegal usage would present major opportunities for the Swedish film industry, according to the report. One in three illegally viewed films would be purchased through legal channels if illegal services were not available. This would add an estimated SEK 850 million to the industry’s revenues, equivalent to 25% of the industry’s current end-user revenues.

“The current situation is not sustainable. If we are to continue producing, distributing and showing films and TV programmes that the public wants to see and pay for, there needs to be a functioning digital market and measures to put a stop to illegal competition,” says Mr Strömbäck.

 The report was produced in cooperation with research firm Novus. The results are based on 1,003 interviews with 16- to 79-year-old respondents conducted between February 27th and March 9th 2015.


Swedish Film and Television Cooperation Committee Per Strömbäck Digital business expert per.stromback@ftvs.se

+46 (0)70 843 62 14

 About the Swedish Film and Television Cooperation Committee The Swedish Film and Television Cooperation Committee represents members of the film industry covered by the Film Agreement. In addition to the Swedish State, parties to the agreement are the Association of Cinema Owners, the People’s Houses and Parks Organisation, the National Our Farms Association, the Swedish Film Distributors’ Association, the Swedish Film & TV Producers’ Association and the Network of Regional Film Production Centres, as well as the Swedish Television Company, TV4, MTG, SBS TV and C More Entertainment. The Film Agreement is a contract between the State and the Swedish film and TV industry designed to support Swedish films and aimed at developing Sweden into a leading European film country.

 150703-Status Report – Digital Film and TV Market



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